Geodesic EEG System MR for EEG-MR and EEG-MEG Research

Dense array EEG-fMRIEGI’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible EEG system is the first practical whole head EEG product that works within the MR or MEG environment.

Simultaneous EEG-MR multimodal imaging combines MRI’s high spatial resolution and EEG’s high temporal resolution to record brain activity more completely. Read more about spatial and temporal resolution of fMRI and dEEG.

EGI's MR-compatible EEG Systems can also be used for simultaneous EEG-MEG multimodal imaging.

NEW! GES MR tested in a 7T environment

See a list of publications using EEG-MRI and EEG-MEG.

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New with Net Station 5.2!

Expanded software options for handling BCG artifacts based on Iannotti, et al. (2015)Learn more about artifact handling.

Learn more about the new Geodesic EEG System 400 series.

Learn more about EGI's rapid-application Geodesic Sensor Nets.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The GES 400 MR product is sold for strictly research purposes and is not a medical device in the United States. As such, this product cannot be used for medical purposes such as the diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, or prevention of diseases.

The GES 400 product is CE-marked in conformity with the European Medical Device Directive. Information on clearance status in other countries is available upon request.

System Features

  • Versatility. Use your GES MR in the MR environment or in the lab. There is no need for separate systems.
  • Reduced noise. The Field Isolation Containment System (FICS) features shielding and input filtering that significantly reduce the effect of noise sources in the MR environment.
  • Channel counts. EGI’s fMRI compatible EEG systems are available with 32, 64, 128, or 256 channels.
  • Upgradeable channel counts. The GES MR is upgradeable by channel count so you can work with the full power of dense array EEG when you are ready.

See how one EGI customer is using EEG-fMRI in his lab.

dense array EEG-fMRI


Geodesic EEG System 400 MR

Geodesic EEG System for dense array EEGSystems are sold as complete packages with everything you will need to start work immediately. You can choose from either stationary or portable configurations, which can include:

  • Net Amps amplifier and wall mount
  • hospital grade isolation transformer
  • Mac Pro computer with monitor, MacBook Pro computer, or iMac computer
  • Field Isolation Containment Module
  • Net Station 5 software with artifact removal module
  • Net support kit
  • system manuals
  • installation and basic training
  • 2 year amplifier warranty

If you already own a EEG amplifierGeodesic EEG System, you may upgrade your system for use in an MR environment with the fMRI Upgrade Package, which includes:

  • Field Isolation Containment System (FICS) This enclosure for the FICS Compatible Net Amps 300 includes input RF filters, 2 fiber optic channels, and a battery power pack.
  • Artifact Removal Module for Net Station software

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EGI Education and SupportA member of EGI’s renowned international Training and Technical Support Team will install your system and provide your lab with a tutorial for basic use. Your support contract will enable you to obtain the support you need to keep your system running at peak performance.

Each purchase of a GES product also includes tuition waivers to EGI Schools or workshops that provide in depth learning for any member of your team. EGI also offers custom training for new lab members, or for anyone looking to learn more about using the GES system to its maximum potential.

EEG-fMRI setup