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EGI Schools

The EGI School Program brings EEG experts — EGI  support engineers and scientists — to your part of the world. Each year we hold the EGI Summer School in Eugene, Oregon. All levels of experience are catered to, with a five-day course covering core dense array EEG skills and three-day course covering the fundamentals of advanced EEG analysis. The International Schools include five days of lectures and intensive hands-on time to help you get the most from your Geodesic EEG System (GES). At an EGI School, you will learn:

  • Core EEG techniques, including data acquisition, Net application, and artifact recognition
  • Techniques for optimizing the functionality of Net Station software
  • Fundamentals of advanced dense array EEG analysis

See an example syllabus for Core dEEG Skills or Foundations of Advanced dEEG Analysis Technique.

2016 Schools

EGI Summer School - Core dEEG Skills
August 8–12
Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon, USA
View the syllabus.
Registration for 2016 Summer School has now closed.

EGI Summer School - Foundations of Advanced dEEG Analysis Techniques
August 15–17
Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR USA
View the syllabus.
Registration for 2016 Summer School has now closed.

Poster Presentation - Poster session during the Core dEEG Skills course. Present your work and get feedback from your colleagues and EGI scientists. Let us know if you would be interested in presenting a poster when you register.

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