Net Station 5.3 Software for Clinical Use

Net Station 5.3 clinical EEG softwareEGI's Net Station 5 sofware package is engineered for easy acquisition and intuitive review of both standard EEG montages (such as 10-20 and 10-10), or dense array EEG with up to 256 channels.

 EGI's Net Station 5 software provides:

  •  acquisition of EEG data using the Geodesic Sensor Net
  •  intuitive review of standard or dense array EEG data
  •  topo plot and topo map views
  •  optional GeoSource 2.0 electrical source imaging software (for clinical use) or new GeoSource 3.0 electrical source imaging software (for research use only)

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NEW!  Net Station 5.3 Software

EGI is pleased to announce the release of Net Station 5.3 software, EGI’s signature software for intuitive and straightforward review of low or high density array EEG data up to 256 channels.

This major update introduces:

Interactive 3D visualization of EEG data
The new Reciprocity Visualization Environment (RVE) shows the scalp voltage data on a 3D head synchronized to the standard 2D chart view, topo plot view, butterfly view, and topo map view, for a better understanding of EEG changes.

Multi-user support and improved networking compatibility

  • Compatibility with multi-user support on an individual computer through the Mac OS
  • Compatibility with multi-user support through a centralized network
  • User-specific activity logging for auditing purposes
  • Storage of logging data in a non-user–accessible database
  • Dual recording to the local acquisition computer and to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device (sold separately)

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EGI Clinical Products

a component of EGI's Geodesic EEG System

Net Station 5 software is available as a component of EGI's Geodesic EEG System (GES) products. It is compatible with GES 300 and GES 400 series products.

See more with Net Station 5 software for Geodesic EEG Systems

View the conventional chart view alongside a two-dimensional voltage plot for intuitive visualization of brain activity.

Net Station 5.3 clinical EEG software

View dense array EEG using the 2-D voltage plot to visualize brain activity with much higher resolution and spatial precision.
Net Station 5.3 clinical EEG software









View a voltage map to instantly determine the area of brain activity spikes. All views move synchronously through time.

Net Station 5.3 clinical EEG software









Add the optional GeoSource 2.0 electrical source imaging module to estimate the cortical source of electrical activity.

clinical ns5 geosource










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