Nemus 1 system for EMG/NCV and EP

Nemus 1 clinical web iconA compact, reliable device for EMG/NCV/EP monitoring. (For sale in the US only.)

High performance in a compact size

Using the most advanced hardware available, the rugged and portable NeMus 1 recorder is designed as a workhorse for busy neurology clinics. The integrated Galileo software combines the patient database with setup, recording, and analysis for fast and efficient clinic workflows.


emg2 220 picUse the NeMus 1 recorder for:

  • EMG (electromyographic) signals
  • NCV (nerve conduction velocity)
  • EP (evoked responses)

To add EEG, please see the NeMus 2 system.


  • 2 bipolar high dynamic recording channels for EMG/NCV/EP
  • High signal quality with low noise and high sensitivity
  • Wide band (DC - 20 KHz)
  • Integrated two-channel electrical stimulator
  • Integrated acoustic stimulator for BAEP
  • 2 Trigger channels to be connected with external stimulators such as TMS equipment

NeMus 1 uses Galileo software for setup, recording, and analysis.

All NeMus 1 systems include:

  • NeMus 1 Amplifier with 2 Bipolar Channels
  • Bed Clamp
  • Electrical Hand-Held Stimulator
  • External calibrated headphones
  • EMG Accessory Kit
  • EP Accessories Kit
  • Galileo Software License
    • Patient Management System
    • Data browser
    • EMG/NCV acquisition and review software
    • EMG signal unlimited playback
    • MUP manual and automatic analysis
    • EP acquisition and review software
  • Electronic copies of full operator manuals on CD and printed copy of Quick Start EMG manual

Systems are fully customizable and options include:

  • Various cable connection options
  • Reading Stations
  • Carts
  • PC with Windows operating system

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Important Notice:
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