Live webinar on using high density EEG. On March 15, 2017, Dr. Mark Mintz will be delivering an ASET-approved seminar on the research as well as clinical applications of high density EEG and its accuracy in detecting abnormalities. Register for this webinar at the ASET website.

High channel count EEG recommended as a quality standard for presurgical epilepsy workup. The working group on presurgical epilepsy diagnosis and operative epilepsy treatment has published their guidelines for quality standards for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The standards include video EEG with at least 64 channels and at least two other advanced imaging methods, including 64-256 channel EEG with source imaging. Access the paper.

UBC researchers develop test for concussion using dense array EEG. Researchers at the University of British Columbia are using EGI’s dense array EEG as an objective method of assessing brain changes after a concussion. Watch the 3-minute video that describes this exciting research.

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High Density EEG. Live webinar by Mark Mintz, MD. Sign up at ASET online.

Dense Array Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation. View it now.


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